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Welcome to Bitter End Clothing, established in 2019 by husband and wife team, Keeli and Jamie. 

After having a lot of time to think whilst on maternity leave (due to the sleep deprivation!) I realized I was in the wrong job. I decided to quit and walked the same day! I knew I had to take the opportunity to focus on things I am truly passionate about – Tattoos and design.

Being a massive fan of tattoo inspired fashion I wanted to combine my style and ideas and create a range of designs that we would buy…and hopefully other people too!

Despite having no experience, three kids to look after and definitely no money, I rolled my little sleeves up (I’m 5ft nothing) and got stuck in - how hard could it be, right?! 

Pulling together advice and help from friends, family and local businesses, and after lots of arguments and learning curves, (and realising it is quite hard! But more importantly very exciting) Bitter End Clothing was born. Hurray!

Having had difficulty finding clothes that fit “just right” our aim was to produce great quality unisex designs in a range to fit everyone, whatever their shape or style.

The design part was the easy bit – Jamie and I can talk design all day long! When it came to making them into a reality, we knew exactly where to go; talented local tattoo artist and friend, James Bousfield. Having tattooed both Jamie and I we knew he was the right man for the job!

As the three of us love traditional style tattoos it was a no brainer that this was the way to go for Bitter End. 

Bitter End launched in June and we haven’t stopped since! It’s been an amazing ride so far and we want to thank you all for loving our designs as much as we do!  

We are thrilled to now offer a range of amazing original designs in standard, longline and slim fit. 

Bitter End are the tattoo inspired clothing brand for everyone. Committed to creating designs you won’t find anywhere else! 

Express yourself, to the Bitter End

Keeli x

Jamie, Keeli and Bousey

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