Bitter End month 1

1st Month – Wheeeey!   

Hi, and welcome to our Bitter End Blog.
It’s been pretty hectic this month at Bitter End HQ so much going on its hard to know where to start.
So, we had our first ever photoshoot! It was a great day all round.
Now they say, don’t ever work with children and animals…we did both! (2 kids 1 baby, 2 dogs and a corn snake to be exact)
We have to say a more dire warning would be, don’t work with models and alcohol! Thankfully the booze props were used on the last shoot, else we’re not sure we would have come away with any photos…just a great afternoon and sore heads.
Despite the later chaos and laughs (thanks Sandy) we had a really successful day and came away with some great shots.
Having never co-ordinated a photoshoot before it was quite daunting but luckily for us we had a super confident group of models (thanks again Sandy) that made the day go amazingly well.
Just check out our site to see how well the shoot went, models and t-shirts look amazing.
Back at HQ it was all systems go. Finalising tees, ordering merchandise, completing the website and setting up social media.
We had no idea all the things that needed to be done to take Bitter End from a conversation in the bedroom to a real- life business, but hopefully we’ve got it right.
As launch date looms we are working every hour we can find to make sure you guys get the best possible service for your tees and of course the best trad tatt designs from our amazing tattoo artist James, who has also been working around the clock for you.
We had no idea that photoshop could potentially end a marriage! Haha.
We are almost there and fingers crossed when you read this we will already be taking orders and shipping them straight to your door!
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